Blue Shoe Roofing offers a wide array of services and products to meet the needs of our most discerning customers! Our first step will be to inspect your roof and evaluate its condition. We will then recommend an appropriate course of action. Many Southern California roofs can get by with either simple repairs or preventive maintenance, depending upon the age and condition. If we can repair or maintain your roof, know that we will stand behind our work.


  • "I had a leak in my roof and needed it repaired. When I called this company, they responded quickly. They setup a date for a free quote. As it was getting closer to that date, they called and said there was a sooner available date for the quote."

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  • "Great roofing company! Dan came out and estimated our work. He made sure we did what we truly needed (we were selling our house) and not extra stuff that wasn't necessary. Colin, the owner, got us our written quotes quickly and followed up expertly."

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  • "I own a construction company in Santa Clarita and had a commercial roof that needed to be assessed and bid. We first had 2 local roofing contractors out and both told us that entire roof needed to be torn off and current product could not be found for repairs."

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