Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing

Single-Ply PVC

IB Roof Systems

IB Roof Systems, have seen a lot of changes in the low-slope roofing industry since 1978, and have gained a lot of knowledge and expertise. They have used this knowledge to bring us the ultimate design and manufactured roofing systems for your low-slope roof. IB Roof Systems technical staff has accumulated decades of experience, answered countless inquiries, visited thousands of construction sites, and has educated every authorized applicator in the most effective use of our products. IB Roof Systems has roofs that have been installed since 1978 and are still performing well for their owners. This is due to their tireless effort to stay on the cutting edge of single-ply membrane formulation and manufacturing technology. If you choose to install IB Roof Systems products, you can share the confidence in knowing we demand great quality.

Modified Bitumen & Self-Adhered Cap Sheets


With its origins as a roofing contracting business, Polyglass® became a leading manufacturer of modified bitumen roofing membranes in Europe in the 1960s and introduced its products and technology to the United States in 1992. Since then, Polyglass has grown to be a leading innovator in the roofing industry. Decades of practical experience in the application of roofing and waterproofing materials provide the strong foundation for understanding the importance of contractor satisfaction. Launching innovative technologies such as Polyglass’ patented self-adhered ADESO® Technology in the 1990s positioned Polyglass as a leader in self-adhered modified bitumen membranes. As the company continued to grow, it was acquired in 2008 by Mapei®, a global manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for the building industry. Since the acquisition, Polyglass USA’s headquarters moved to Deerfield Beach, Florida and the company is better positioned globally for growth.

Energy Efficient Cool Roof Coatings


Henry® Company is a leading innovator of Building Envelope Systems® and understands the principles of integrating air/vapor barrier, roofing and waterproofing systems to ensure superior building performance. Henry professionals offer designers, contractors and building owners a combination of technical experience and a commitment to provide quality products. For more than 75 years, Henry has been the trusted source for complete Building Solutions. Since its incorporation in 1981, Henry Company has grown beyond its roots in Southern California into a national supplier of air and vapor barrier, roofing and waterproofing products. In 1998, Henry Company expanded through the acquisition of Monsey Bakor Inc., a leading manufacturer of roof coatings, cements and driveway maintenance products. The acquisition extended Henry's reach across all of North America, making Henry one of the largest North American manufacturers of roof coatings and cements. Today, Henry Company’s commitment to research and development continues to strengthen its leadership in the building market. From breakthroughs in mastic, asphalt, reflective, and air and vapor barrier technologies, Henry Building Envelope Systems® continue to contribute to more energy efficient buildings and stronger structures. Henry Company – The #1 Choice of Professionals®.


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